About this site

Bagels for Thought is an independent publication launched in May 2022 by me, Ishan Goel, the Lead Data Scientist at VWO (an experimentation company). I am an avid reader and am currently trying to cultivate a habit of regularly communicating my ideas on this blog. A specialist by profession, but a generalist by passion I currently find myself in an age where most things look connected to each other and interesting.

In this blog, I am trying to create a focus on writing about my work on experimentation, and the various books that I am reading on the side. Please feel free to connect with me if you like my writings. I am forever available on ishan.goel2010@gmail.com. Apart from this I live in Delhi, India and am always available for making friends over beer/coffee (whatever you prefer).

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For reference, this is me.

Why bagels for thoughts?

I chose the name Bagels for Thoughts for my blog because of the following reasons:

  1. Bagels are one thing that resides close to my heart mostly because I cannot find authentic bagels in India.
  2. Bagels are small, tasty, and can be digested one at a time every morning.
  3. Because thinking of a creative name when starting a blog is SO DAMN HARD especially when you don't know what you will be writing about.

Request to all readers

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